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The winners of the CrimeFest Awards were announced at the Gala Dinner on Saturday, the 7th of June. They received a commemorative piece of decorative glass provided by Bristol Blue Glass.


When the Left Coast Crime convention visited Bristol in 2006 its Lefty Award raised awareness for an underappreciated area in British crime fiction: the humorous crime novel. The Lefty continues to be awarded in the USA, and the CrimeFest organisers felt that their convention should carry on celebrating humour in British published crime fiction. The Last Laugh Award is for the best humorous crime novel published in the British Isles in 2007. The shortlist is:

  • Declan Burke, The Big O (Hag's Head Press)
  • Ruth Dudley Edwards, Murdering Americans (Poisoned Pen Press UK) - WINNER!
  • Chris Ewan, The Good Thief's Guide to Amsterdam (Long Barn Books)
  • Alan Guthrie, Hard Man (Polygon)
  • Deanna Raybourn, Silent in the Grave (MIRA Books)
  • Mike Ripley, Angel's Share (Alison & Busby)
  • L. C. Tyler, The Herring Seller's Apprentice (Macmillan New Writing)
  • Donald Westlake, What's So Funny? (Quercus)

CrimeFest delegates will vote for the winning title from the shortlist via e-mail.


With the growing popularity of audiobooks, both abridged and unabridged, CrimeFest intends to draw attention to the quality of this relatively new medium. The Audible Sounds of Crime Award is for the best crime audiobook first published in 2007, and available for download from the Audible UK website. The award goes to both the author and the reader of the winning entry. CrimeFest is thrilled that Audible UK agreed to sponsor this award. Audible is the Internet's leading premium spoken audio source, with more than 40,000 hours of audio programs that include some of the best titles in crime fiction. Audible customers and CrimeFest delegates voted to establish a shortlist and a winner from the eligible titles. The shortlist is:

  • Richard Bachman, Blaze. Read by Ron McLarty. (Hodder & Stoughton, unabridged.)
  • Lee Child, Bad Luck & Trouble. Read by Kerry Shale. (Random House, abridged.)
  • Tess Gerritsen, The Mephisto Club. Read by Lorelei King. (BBC Audiobooks, unabridged.)
  • David Hewson, The Seventh Sacrament. Read by Saul Reichlin. (W. F. Howes, unabridged.) - WINNER (unabridged)!
  • Ian Rankin, Exit Music. Read by James Macpherson. (Orion, abridged.) - WINNER (abridged)!

Audible is providing an iPod as a prize for one of the CrimeFest delegates who votes for the winning title.

Abbott, Jeff Fear unabridged John Chancer Isis Publishing
Abbott, Jeff Fear abridged John Schwab Hachette
Bachman, Richard Blaze unabridged Ron McLarty Hodder & Stoughton
Barclay, Tessa To Die For unabridged Michael Tudor Barnes Soundings
Beckett, Simon Written in Bone unabridged David Thorpe Isis Publishing
Billingham, Mark Death Message abridged Robert Glenister Hachette
Booth, Stephen Dying to Sin abridged Russell Boulter HarperCollins
Bourne, Sam The Last Testament abridged Aoife McMahon HarperCollins
Brett, Simon Death Under the Dryer unabridged the author Isis Publishing
Brookmyre, Christopher Attack of the Unsinkable Rubber Ducks unabridged Joe Dunlop/Jilly Bond Isis Publishing
Brookmyre, Christopher Attack of the Unsinkable Rubber Ducks abridged Billy Boyd Hachette
Child, Lee Bad Luck and Trouble abridged Kerry Shale Random House
Cleeves, Ann Hidden Depths unabridged Anne Dover Soundings
Coben, Harlan The Woods abridged Tim Machin Orion
Connelly, Michael The Overlook unabridged Michael Brandon Orion
Cornwell, Bernard Lords of the North unabridged Richard Armitage BBC Audiobooks
Cornwell, Patricia Book of the Dead abridged Mary Stuart Masterton Hachette
Cutler, Judith Cold Pursuit unabridged Diana Bishop Isis Publishing
Cutler, Judith The Keeper of Secrets unabridged Paul Ansdell Isis Publishing
Davis, Lindsey Saturnalia unabridged Christian Rodska BBC Audiobooks
Deaver, Jeffery The Sleeping Doll unabridged Anne Twomey W. F. Howes
Deaver, Jeffery More Twisted abridged Kerry Shale Hodder & Stoughton
Deaver, Jeffrey & Others The Chopin Manuscript unabridged Alfred Molina ITW/Audible
Downie, R. S. Medicus and the Disappearing Dancing Girls unabridged Peter Kenny Isis Publishing
Duffy, Margaret Cobweb unabridged Gordon Griffin Soundings
Duggan, Alfred Winter Quarters unabridged Glen McCready BBC Audiobooks
Edwards, Martin The Arsenic Labyrinth unabridged Gordon Griffin Soundings
Eisler, Barry The Last Assassin unabridged Jeff Harding Isis Publishing
Ellis, Kate The Shining Skull unabridged Peter Wickham Soundings
Evans, Penelope Saving Grace unabridged Willow Nash Soundings
Forbes, Elena Die With Me abridged Dan Stevens Quercus
Fraser, Anthea Rogue in Porcelain unabridged Jacqueline Tong BBC Audiobooks
Fraser, Sara The Reluctant Constable unabridged Gordon Griffin Soundings
Galbraith, Gillian Blood in the Water unabridged Hilary Neville Soundings
Gardner, John No Human Enemy unabridged Patience Tomlinson Isis Publishing
Gardner, Lisa Hide unabridged Jeff Harding/Regina Reagan Isis Publishing
Gardner, Lisa Hide abridged Maggi-Meg Reed Orion
Gerritsen, Tess The Mephisto Club abridged Laurel Lefkow Random House
Gerritsen, Tess The Mephisto Club unabridged Lorelei King BBC Audiobooks
Gregory, Susanna Blood on the Strand unabridged Gordon Griffin Soundings
Gross, Andrew The Blue Zone abridged Ilyana Kadushin HarperCollins
Hall, Patricia Death in a Far Country unabridged Michael Tudor Barns Soundings
Hampson, June Broken Bodies unabridged Annie Aldington Isis Publishing
Hannah, Sophie Hurting Distance unabridged Julia Barrie Isis Publishing
Heley, Veronica False Charity unabridged Patience Tomlinson Soundings
Henderson, Jack Maximum Impact abridged Kerry Shale Hachette
Hewson, David The Seventh Sacrament unabridged Saul Reichlin W. F. Howes
Hiaasen, Carl Nature Girl unabridged William Roberts BBC Audiobooks
Hill, Reginald The Death of Dalziel abridged Colin Buchanan HarperCollins
Hill, Reginald The Death of Dalziel unabridged Shaun Dooley W. F. Howes
Hogan, Chuck The Killing Moon unabridged Henry Strozier W. F. Howes
Hurley, Graham One Under unabridged Tim Pepper Isis Publishing
Hurwitz, Greg I See You abridged William Hope Hachette
Iles, Greg True Evil unabridged Jeff Harding Isis Publishing
Jeffries, Roderic Murder Needs Imagination unabridged Gordon Griffin Soundings
Kellerman, Faye The Burnt House abridged Mitchell Greenberg HarperCollins
Kelly, Susan Murder on the Dance Floor unabridged Gordon Griffin Soundings
Kerr, Peter The Sporran Connection unabridged James Bryce Soundings
Leather, Stephen Hot Blood unabridged Martyn Read Isis Publishing
Leon, Donna Suffer The Little Children abridged Andrew Sachs Random House
Leonard, Elmore Up in Honey's Room unabridged Arliss Howard W. F. Howes
Lippman, Laura What the Dead Know unabridged Regina Reagan Isis Publishing
Lovesey, Peter The Secret Hangman unabridged Christopher Scott Soundings
MacBride, Stuart Broken Skin abridged John Sessions HarperCollins
Mallinson, Allan Man of War unabridged Errick Graham W. F. Howes
Marshall, Michael The Intruders abridged Bill Hope HarperCollins
McCall Smith, Alexander The Good Husband of Zebra Drive abridged Adjoa Andoh Hachette
McClure, Ken The Lazarus Strain unabridged Seán Barrett Isis Publishing
McDermid, Val Beneath The Bleeding abridged James Frain HarperCollins
Mills, Mark The Savage Garden unabridged Daniel Philpott Isis Publishing
Mosse, Kate Sepulchre abridged Lorelei King Orion
Myers, Amy Murder and the Golden Goblet unabridged Gordon Griffin Soundings
Patterson, James Double Cross abridged Jay Fernandez/Michael Stuhlbarg Headline
Patterson, James and Howard Roughan You've Been Warned abridged Ilyana Kadushin Headline
Patterson, James and Michael Ledwidge The Quickie abridged Mary Stuart Masterton Headline
Patterson, Richard North Exile unabridged William Hope Isis Publishing
Rankin, Ian Exit Music abridged James Macpherson Orion
Reichs, Kathy Bones To Ashes abridged Linda Emond Random House
Rimington, Stella Illegal Action abridged Emma Fielding Random House
Robotham, Michael The Night Ferry abridged Deni Francis Hachette
Rowlands, Betty Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Dead unabridged Michael Tudor Barnes Soundings
Silva, Daniel The Messenger unabridged Gareth Armstrong Isis Publishing
Slaughter, Karin Skin Privilege abridged Joyce Bean Random House
Stacey, Lyndon Time to Pay unabridged Jonathan Keeble W. F. Howes
Temple, Peter Bad Debts abridged Peter O'Brien Quercus
Trow, M. J. Maxwell's Point unabridged Peter Wickham Soundings
Twining, James The Gilded Seal abridged Trevor White HarperCollins
Wambaugh, Joseph Hollywood Station abridged Kerry Shale Quercus
Whitelaw, Stella Turn and Die unabridged Julia Barrie Soundings
Young, Robyn Brethren abridged Hugh Ross Hodder & Stoughton