Thalia Proctor Memorial Award for Best Adapted TV Crime Drama

This award is for the best television crime drama based on a book, and first screened in the UK in 2023. The winning author and production company each receive a Bristol Blue Glass commemorative award.

Eligible dramas feature original characters, rather than spinoff shows such as Endeavour, etc.

Entries were collated from the Radio Times, and CrimeFest newsletter readers establish the shortlist and the winning title. The award will be presented at the CrimeFest Gala Awards Dinner on Saturday, 11 May.

Voters can opt in to be put forward to draw for a complimentary pass to 2024’s CrimeFest convention hosted in Bristol, or a selection of Region 2 DVDs. (Please note that, unless the BluRay or DVD player is region free, Region 2 DVDs are unlikely to work on players outside of Europe.)

Thalia Proctor, a true fan of crime fiction and drama, worked in specialist bookshops, and went on to work with many crime writers in publishing. She was also a much valued member of the CrimeFest team.

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